Nextcloud not working with external harddrive
hope someone can help me
I am trying to install nextcloud on my rock64. As the data directory I tried to use an external harddrive.
But there is an error when I try to use external harddrives as nextcloud data directory. When i use the
sd card as nextcloud data directory there are no probs
What I tried:
Mounting the Harddrive with fstab: UUID=a61b3225-3af0-439b-be5b-c54898b9aa46 /media/4TB           ext4    defaults        0       2
Which works for everything except nextcloud
As an alternative I tried  pmount as described on the howto for rock64. But this also doesnt work.
As OS I use debian
As nextcloud version 12.04
Any tips for nextcloud?

perhaps you could move the filesystem to the hard drive and just boot from sd card
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Also, have you read this thread or any other threads related to external drives use with Nextcloud?  I'd guess this may be an issue with permissions.
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