how to flash recovery
my rock64 with ayufan's android 7.1.2 atv . 
I can't find any about install zip from sdcard when in recovery mode.

menu image for recovery mode  :
Android Recovery
Use volume up/down and power.
Reboot system now 
reboot to bootloader 
apply update from adb
apply update from SD card
wipe data/factory reset 
wipe cache partition
mount /system
view recovery logs
run graphics test
power off

is there  no "install zip from sdcard" option? who can help me ?
Happened to me. Once the recovery menu displayed, I couldn't figure out a key combination to get out of the menu or navigate within the menu. I googled Android recovery menu and found a list of key commands including volume up/down and others but there was no response from the keyboard or mouse connected to the Rock64. Unfortunately, no one had any advice so I had to reload the eMMC and start over.
Any update on the matter? How to navigate in the recovery?

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