Broken yellow Ethernet light?

I am exploring my Rock64 and everything is currently going well.  It happily boots up and the Ethernet connection works perfectly.

The one thing that is odd is that only the green light on the Ethernet connection is lit.  It flashes periodically and I definitely have connectivity so things are working.  It is odd because almost every Ethernet connection that I have seen in the past have a solid green light to show the connection and a flashing yellow one to show traffic.  I do see that the Ethernet connector has a yellow light, but it is not lit.  Is this normal?

Thank you!
hi,  believe it or not, there is no standard for what the lights on an RJ45 connector mean;  other than a blinking light usually means activity.

Each vendor is free to use whatever scheme that they determine ;  sometimes the light color indicates speed ( whether it is on, solid, blinking etc ) see your manual.  Sometimes , but not always , the green light is a link light ( solid ) and the yellow light is an activity light.

I have a pre production Rock64 board , as an example , where the green light is a slow steady blink ( its Gbe plugged into a Gbe switch at full  1000 ).  The yellow light blinks clearly with activity on the comm line ( random fast blinking ).

I have a production Rock64 board, as another example , where the green light is on solid  ( it is also Gbe plugged into a Gbe switch at full 1000 ).  The yellow light blinks with activity also ( random fast blinking ).

My PineA64-B server has slow blinking green,  fast random blinking yellow.

My PineA64-A desk machine has slow blinking green,  fast random blinking yellow.

My switches have three rows of lights... all green;  top row is activity on the port;  next two rows are link lights where one LED means 10|100 link and two lights means 1000 link.

So far there is one report of a Rock64 green LED that does not light at all... and one report ( yours ) where the yellow light does not light at all;  if the lights do not ever light, there is a defect in the magjack and the LED is just "out"  ( happens ).

The bottom line is that there is nothing "normal" about the LED(s) on an ethernet port... but the LED(s) should be working in any case on the Rock64.  I know that must be irritating, but if it works otherwise, its a pretty minor issue really.
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