Is the Rock 64 something strange?
(08-17-2017, 04:02 PM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote: No.   Seriously, just get another good card and retry.

Hi, all

I purchased Evo plus as advised.
This time, I chose from Amazon Amazon, which is sold as Prime.

We have confirmed that there is a seal of domestic agent in the delivered product.

I checked with the f3 tool for the time being, but the writing was 8MB/s, the reading was about 18MB/s.
About writing, it was about 12MB/s with the dd command.

I also checked the image with Xenial-minimal, but after all I freeze it when I used it a little.

Is this because of the microsd card ...
When it goes above this, I have to go to purchase a manned store.

I wanted to suspect Rock 64 itself ...

Best regards.

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