Is the Rock 64 something strange?
(08-17-2017, 09:16 AM)fire219 Wrote: Personally, this sounds more like a power supply issue (voltage too low, causing glitches).

What power supply are you using?

This might be a power supply issue, indeed .  

...  I need to make a comment on why Evo Plus.  If the card actually supports Evo  then the card will work better in a classical environment;  and also ( believe it or not ) run faster in general.  To put this more succinctly, the Evo Plus cards are a higher quality card and less likely to be prone to malfeasance ( no promises, just generally true ).

It is also important to get your cards from a reputable supplier;  if you buy one of the cheap cards on-line for that unbelievably low price , well , you're just asking for trouble ( I mean this with no sarcasm and ver genuinely ).

Fire219 makes a good point;  our two biggest problems are PSU, and SD card.  The PSU we recommend ( for various reasons ) is the switching supply on the pine store rated for 5v @3000ma;  3.0A.  DO NOT use a charger, and do not try to use a cheap linear supply or one rated for less than 2500ma.  YMMV,  and I'm not arguing about it.  If you don't want to do either of these recommendations, ok.
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