Android TV, boot from Microsd card
First, let me thank ayufan, for l the hard work you have done, creating images for the rock 64 board.

I am a newbie in Linux, although I am a old timer in computers.

I see there is a image up, for Android tv, for emmc.
I haven't worked with emmc cards yet, so I was wondering...

I usually have burned images for the RPi, on windows.. Using sdformatter, and win 32 disk img ..

Would this process work, for the rock 64, android tv, emmc image, that is on your GitHub page?

While I plan to use the rock 64 for a lot of different things, Google recently said they have updated their support for Chromecast, in android tv. I want to see how this works... Kodi, on Linux, hasn't, to date had real support for Chromecast, that worked great.

Thank you, in advance, for and help/advice you can offer,

As far as I am aware, the ATV builds will not work on a microSD card. I may be wrong though as I have not tried.

But I have actually made a tool to make the process of installing Android on eMMC as easy as possible. Currently it is Linux-only (Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora), but I am working on a Windows version which should be hopefully available by the time that people receive their Rock64 boards. Smile
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Thanks fire...

I do plan on getting a emmc memory unit, sometime in the future.. If I can figure out where to get the.. Board you need to plug a emmc memory chip into, to use it on the Rock 64.

(08-05-2017, 12:07 PM)Jakr Wrote: I do plan on getting a emmc memory unit, sometime in the future.. If I can figure out where to get the board you need to plug an eMMC memory chip into, to use it on the Rock 64.

You don't need anything else to plug the eMMC module into the Rock64.  The Foresee module plugs directly into the Rock64 board; no sweat.
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