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Pine64 web pages and F-Secure

I have used pages a couple of years with F-Secure Safe Browsing Protection program.
No problems.

But today F-Secure Safe do not allow access to web pages.
Without Browsing Protection access is allowed.

Is it only me how had this gain problem?

Br: Kaarme42
Can you post some details what problem F-Secure had with the website?
Come have a chat in the Pine A64 IRC channel >>
(07-11-2017, 03:38 PM)xalius Wrote: Can you post some details what problem F-Secure had with the website?

Unfortunately, F-Secure notices are not in English.

Below translated.

Malicious site blocked
This site has been reported as malicious. We recommend that you do not visit this site.

Two push buttons:
The first is directed to F-Secure's home page
 Another pushbutton allows the page

 Below are a link: Report this site ...

 Pressing it opens a new tab "Submit A Sample"

The trial version of Safe can be downloaded from F-Secure's web site
Someone probably thought they were hilarious and decided to report the site as malicious. You can probably submit the webpage for review like it suggests and get that cleared up. IRC network operator, developer of various software bits for the Rock64.

Fedora images for Rock64
SADIE -- Simple Android Download and Install Executable (for Rock64)

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