Got my board, what next?
So I got my Pine64 in the mail the other day, and I bought some fancy new microSD cards for it for experimentation. I've got it all hooked up to my RPi dev station. Now, is there a Debian based Linux release somewhere in the wild I can play with? Google is failing me with an answer. All I've found is Android and Arch. I guess I can make do with Arch, but couldn't care less about Android. Most posts and updates are from early February, when not many people had their boards. Am I just one of the first to receive it?  Huh
Longsleep's Ubuntu image can be found under the Linux Development section.
Awesome! Thank you Madroxprime. I got Arch loaded last night, and was completely lost. This should help tremendously, since almost all of my Linux experience is in Debian and Red Hat.
there is an Ubuntu image compiled by longsleep that may be of some benefit to you joey if you are interested
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Cheers Big Grin

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