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Got my board, what next? - joey - 03-21-2016

So I got my Pine64 in the mail the other day, and I bought some fancy new microSD cards for it for experimentation. I've got it all hooked up to my RPi dev station. Now, is there a Debian based Linux release somewhere in the wild I can play with? Google is failing me with an answer. All I've found is Android and Arch. I guess I can make do with Arch, but couldn't care less about Android. Most posts and updates are from early February, when not many people had their boards. Am I just one of the first to receive it?  Huh

RE: Got my board, what next? - Madroxprime - 03-22-2016

Longsleep's Ubuntu image can be found under the Linux Development section.

RE: Got my board, what next? - joey - 03-22-2016

Awesome! Thank you Madroxprime. I got Arch loaded last night, and was completely lost. This should help tremendously, since almost all of my Linux experience is in Debian and Red Hat.

RE: Got my board, what next? - - 03-22-2016

there is an Ubuntu image compiled by longsleep that may be of some benefit to you joey if you are interested