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touchpad edges scrolling
I am having issues that my mouse is not respond AT ALL.
I had ordered an upgrade for the emmc (32gb from the 16gb) and just powered it on for kicks before installing the new one.
The pinebook came with android installed and no mouse response. So i figured try another OS, I swapped the EMMC, installed ubuntu mate (using image maker ported from Etch) and booted from SD. No dice. Flashed it to the newly installed EMMC, still no local trackpad response.
I opened the pinebook back up, looked and confirmed no issues with the cable that I could tell running from board to trackpad.

I am a tinkerer, and love these kind of things. I just really wanna see if I can order a replacement mouse pad (trackpad) cable or entire mobo. It works with an external mouse but I really loathe to bring yet another thing when I am going to bring a laptop along.

Have you tried resetting the cable that goes from the trackpad to the main board ? Glad to hear that you are willing to tinker, and yes there will be replacement parts available (in the undetermined future), but even if you do get hold of a replacement part the trackpad is quite difficult to replace (see my teardown). So, in short, I wouldn't hesitate to contact support. In the meantime, do feel free to join in the IRC (see my sig) and talk about the issue with some of the more hardware savvy members.
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