Can not boot from eMMC
Can the Ubuntu Mate [20170306] image for the SOPINE boot from a eMMC module? I have written the image twice successfully using Etcher to a eMMC module from the Pine store, but the SOPINE will not boot. It will boot from a micro SD card.
I think that early image does not have the magical devicetree swapping for the eMMC/sdcard device and so the boot entries for the rootfs point to the wrong thing (would need manual fixing of boot.cmd and fstab), the latest image from Ayufan should work like for the Pinebook, e.g. boot from sdcard, then use the script in /usr/local/sbin to write the eMMC...
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I installed xenial-minimal-sopine-bspkernel-0.5.5-65.img (from the link you gave) on a  micro SD card, but it would not boot. I downloaded it again since there was no way to check if there was a bad download, and installed it again but still the SOPINE would not boot. I tried version 0.6.0 when it was released, but that would not boot either. I went back to Ubuntu Mate [20170306] and it boots fine.

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