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Ubuntu Xenial - Firefox add support for H264 and EAC3
I'm working on Ubuntu Xenial 16.04. I've installed Firefox 52.0.2 32bit, and it Worked fine.
However, for HTML5, I've made a test and he got me I haven't support for x264, x265 and dolby audio formats.

Since NetFlix has enabled streaming through HTML5 for Linux, even for Firefox, I want to know how can I enable this formats.

I've installed gstreamer1, x264 and other stuff, but nothing for gstreamer1-plugins-ffmpeg. Does I need to reinstall firefox, after I've installed gstreamer1 and x264?
im not sure its any help im not that well versed in linux. Due to hw acceleration being absent I assume its going to run about the same as the pi, but the configurations are different so you will have to find out if it can be adapted to Pine. I just got it running on the pi and theres a lot of tutorials out there. the one I used was this:

theres more out there on the subject for pi but ive been unsuccesful in my 3 attempts to get it running on Pine. Although I havent used the andriod image which seems to run more on the video end, ive seen videos with the netflix app installed on andriod.

Im interested in getting it working myself. If you plan to do something with it id be interested in helping anyway I can.

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