Can not get board to boot up reliably
(04-25-2017, 08:25 AM)Leo Wrote: My mental score-sheet says that more of a chance if you shutdown, remove power, wait 30 sec and power again (cold start).
It does not work every time, but certainly more often than a software reboot or the reset input on the Euler bus.
I mention 30 sec because it seems better than 10 or 20.

Are we sure that there is not a floating voltage that must be drained?

You have the same gut feeling that I do... I was suggesting before that like another user connecting the HDMI seemed to be resolving the headless boot issue for me, but it didn't *always* resolve it... I still got one or two bookup lockups. It seemed to go away more when I also pulled the battery, and left it for 30 seconds to fully kill any residual power/memory. But I don't have any empirical evidence of that, and I was pulling the power completely because it was still being stupid, so couldn't put the finger on it being power disconnect rather than simply another reboot.

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