Can not get board to boot up reliably
Thanks dkryder,

I do not have a Wifi board, and have no refrence to WLAN in the Interfaces file.

I have tried your suggestion and set the Interfaces to your code and cycle power several times again. Still not reliable - no change.
My mental score-sheet says that more of a chance if you shutdown, remove power, wait 30 sec and power again (cold start).
It does not work every time, but certainly more often than a software reboot or the reset input on the Euler bus.
I mention 30 sec because it seems better than 10 or 20.

Are we sure that there is not a floating voltage that must be drained?
Everyone keeps pointing to in-rush current and supply filter and ripple but maybe the problem is inductance?
I will next try to put a load on the Wifi header (led or two) to use up that empty space from a power perspective.
Maybe that will drain things a bit? Who knows?


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