Multiple wifi remotes
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For more information on the Wifi remote IO unit, you can refer to ESP8266 module datasheet at....

Is there information specific to the wifi Remote board from Pine?
I was able to setup the Ip, Ap, and password with a USB to ttl converter. What I am looking for is how to send a command to open/close the relay. My thinking is that there should be a way to activate it via wifi from any device not just from the pine. I guess I'm looking for syntax or command structure. 

I am also wondering if an arduino can connect to this board and use the wifi remote as a wifi receiver?

What other capability does the board have with the other provided headers. This board as built is spec to pine64 and internet search does not provide any clear direction on its use.

I did goto the expressive site,(I know spelling) it was a little Chinese to me. Its info was limited to the wifi chip and not it's peripherals.

Hi Adeneb,
The detail information for the Wifi Remote I2c device is at here. You can manage all the Wifi Remote i2c hardware through the use of the PineWifiServer (install in the Pine64). Detail info on how to setup the server is at Our wiki page.

Once the PineWifiServer is install and running, you can use telnet to telnet into the server at port 10000. The PineWifiServer only allow 1 telnet connection at one time. please make sure you are not running the WifiAppDemo at the same time.

Once you have telnet into the console, you can type 'help' and all the available command will be listed.

If your Remote wifi i2c devices is already connected, just type 'list' and it will show you the current connected Remote wifi i2c devices.

Let say the device index in the list is 1, you just need to type 'setrelay 1 1' to turn on the relay and type 'setrelay 1 0' to turn off the relay.

The source code for the PineWifiServer, WifiAppDemo and the Firmware for the ESP hardware already posted on the download section on the wiki page

For connection arduino to this wifi board, I don't think should be a problem, you can either control the board through the PineWifiServer by sending the command to the console port (Which is much easier), or direct communicate will all the Remote Wifi Devices. You can refer to the Firmware source code on the detail communication data packet format and communication command.

In term of the feature for the Wifi Remote I2c board, the firmware currently allow you to pull any I2c device on the bus and at the same time has a build in relay that can handle AC 240V. For more information on all the I/O pin pull out on the board connector, please refer here.

KH Goh

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