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Corrupt SD Card?
(01-27-2017, 02:43 PM)CaptainCWA Wrote: I looked there, and the 6.0 build seems to be dated from mid-December, yet the image I downloaded was from January 12?

I'm confused.  Are the images hosted on the latest or not?

It would seem to be a difference between the official 6.0 image and ayufan's 6.0 image. I know ayufan's image did have this corrupt sd issue, but by all accounts it has been sorted out. I would suggest perhaps that ayufan's image has been more actively maintained than the official image, and as such is further along with regard to squashing bugs and stuff.

Try it out ayufan's image and see what you think. Thread is here, and is one of the most active on the forum.
You should need to delete some images bro. I see images harm a phone easily.

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