SD card too small Error
I was yet another user frustrated by the android image files being to large for the intended SD cards.
After a lot of investigating and reading lots of similar posts and replies for the same issues, I found the answer.
Note: this works on Windows PC's, there is different solutions for Linux and OSX systems.
1) I'm assuming you have the downloaded img file and the required SD card. If not get them! Tongue
2) Download the IBEX file size changer. You can find it here
3) Run the program and select your img file. It will tell you the current file size. Enter a new file size into the target box. I found taking about 500M  off the current img file was enough on a 16G image. (for those wondering 155883011568 was the new file size Smile) Remove the check removed bytes tick. It's all empty space after the first gig roughly and if the rest of the image wasn't clean (non random data) it will just trigger an irrelevent error in this case.[Image: ibex_file_size_changer.png]
4) Use Rufus or Windisk imager as per before but now you should have not errors. Note: you may have to take a bit more off the file size if you have a card that does not have the full space usable due to errors etc.

This got me up and running pretty quickly with the LCD images. I hope it helps others as well.
Thank you very much for this, most helpful!
Any suggestions for doing this for a Linux (Ubuntu) system ?  The problem is that a lot of even very good quality "32" gb cards are only "31.something" gb in reality.

In principal I suppose that one could burn a 16gb image on to a "32" gb card & then expand the data partition (partition 1, Ext 4 ?) with Gparted... Except that Gparted does not seem to see the partitions on the card (unlike the Disks utility which sees them fine). See Attachments   :-)

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I ran into the same issues with all the Android images. The Ubuntu image works fine.
(11-27-2016, 04:50 AM)kenjiru Wrote: I ran into the same issues with all the Android images. The Ubuntu image works fine.

If you're willing to go with a Android image that might be a bit unstable, try out ayufan's Android 7.0 builds...  they are smaller to start with and auto-resize to fill your microSD card on first boot.
Try Android 6.0: It seems to behave very well.

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(11-28-2016, 03:05 PM)ayufan Wrote: Try Android 6.0: It seems to behave very well.

Hi ayunfan.  Do any of your builds support the lcd screen add on?
They do support LCD. You need to change the uEnv.txt file.
+1 me if I have helped you in any way. Thank you.

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