Windows USB drivers for pine64
when i plug my pine64 into my windows i fail to get the "allow usb debugging?" RSA key notification screen as well as any notice in device manager of a device.. i found the android sdk but thos usb drivers come up being "the hash file is not present in the cat file". i have usb debugging checked. there are no adb bridge or fastboot drivers i can find anywhere for the pine64. so where are those who suggest using adb shell getting the drivers? i have gotten no response from the ubuntu box either.

edit: i forgot to mention that i can connect via ethernet with adb connect. the problem i have not been able to resolve with that method is the umount/mount. umount continuously gives me resource device busy and will not unmount. i had not had this issue before on other devices using usb cable.
Hi, i had the same issue. I got told that Pine can only be a Host, no Device. Angry
Look here:

PS: micro-USB is only wired for Power Supply!!
yeah, well if i use adb connect to connect to the pine64 by using my win10 box then seems to me the win10 is host and pine64 is device. my issue is not the connection but, "device or resource is busy " which is the message i get if i try to umount /system to remount r/w, because i never had this issue when using cable i'd like to find some drivers. there are some drivers included in the linux sdk but whomever built the package munged them. so if the responsible party could fix them and then repackage so they work it would help android development. and i'm not using the damn power supply, i'm using top usb jack.

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