Pine64 + Youtube TV Performance
Hi Folks,
I don't have that much experience with Android or Pine64. I tried watching the Trailblazers game on Youtube TV app last night. The playback performance was poor. Choppy video and the app user interface (scrolling, searching etc.) were also very slow. I connected the adb and ran 'top' command from adb shell. I noted the Youtube TV app holding around 15% CPU. Is this just a poorly performing app or is it maybe something wrong with my hardware or configuration of hardware?

My Setup
  • Pine64 2GB
  • HDMI output to DVI on a Dell U2715H Display
  • MSFT Wireless Desktop 5000 Keyboard/Mouse
  • Pine bluetooth + wi-fi add-on board
  • Ethernet 100GB
  • 5v 2.5A micro-USB power adapter I got from Amazon. BTW, the quality and amperage rating of the power supply makes a big difference with my board. Probably this is the reason for a lot of the mysterious issues people see with these boards.

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