CAN bus driver

Will the Can bus driver be included in the Debian Linux system.
I can use mcp251x on Raspberry PI2 with the socket can interface.
On Raspberry it is also possible to use Virtual Can interfaces (vcan).

longsleep just added several new drivers|devices to his last kernel upload.

... you will have to look to see if the vcan stuff is there.  You could also drop him a line requesting it.

Edit:  longsleep told me on irc that anyone of course is free to look on github to see what is included; he publishes all there.  Also, you could make a pull request on Github.

Edit:  This is the link to longsleep's page on github.  

It might be a good idea to use issue tracker to recommend an addition, if necessary. You do need to have a github account to do these activities , but its free , and its easy !   Shy
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