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I did find out this thread: http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic...er-for-h3/

It implements HDMI CEC driver for Allwinner H3 which appears to be very similar to Allwinner A64.
I tried to compile that and I even started receiving some messages from my TV.
I was unable to send anything, but maybe someone is willing to try this two branches and fix it themselves:


You have to compile Linux kernel, compile .dts and patch libcec with this patch: http://sunxi.das-eckchen.de/sunxi_libcec.patch.

When you `modprobe hdmi_cec` you should start seeing something on `dmesg` and when execute `cec-client`.
I managed to advertise HDMI-CEC from Pine and run cec-client.


CEC bus information
device #0: TV
active source: no
vendor: Samsung
osd string: TV
CEC version: 1.3a
power status: on
language: eng

device #1: Recorder 1
active source: yes
vendor: Pulse Eight
osd string: CECTester
CEC version: 1.4
power status: on
language: eng
I can receive keys from my TV.
The next step would be to write Android Driver for HDMI CEC: http://androidxref.com/5.1.1_r6/xref/har...hdmi_cec.h
I wrote really simple driver which implements Android HDMI-CEC controller: https://github.com/ayufan-pine64/android-hdmi-cec-sunxi

I did not yet have a time to test it.
Great Work! Please let us know how it works. Is there anyway to add it to the currently available android images?
Ideally new images has to be built. It's somehow possible to patch existing installations.
I did load CEC kernel driver on Pine A64 linux.
(08-22-2016, 01:25 PM)ayufan Wrote: I did load CEC kernel driver on Pine A64 linux.

Nice one! Perhaps you can help in getting this functionality implemented in a future OS build?
My Android HW driver does work. System does connect with TV. Trying now to see if I can control system from TV.

I also did manage to modify existing Android installation, instead of compiling the full fledged system. Still having a full system image seems to be better choice.

I can control my TV from Android. However, there's a big delay in controls, but it does work.

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