noob question: multiple services/static ip's on one nic w/ linux?
So I have been attempting to create multiple lxd containers that willl each serve small services on my network:
yunohost, cups, pihole, whatever my heart desires...

This has been pretty easy - all of that is actually easy to get going. I just haven't been able to get them going together - on separate static ips.

The problem is that I cannot figure out how to staticly assign ips to each of the services.

What I want is for each service - inside its own lxc container - to be persistently static on my home LAN.


I have tried all the tutorials about lxc and have basically lost my mind.

I tried bridging - but I basically don't know what is going on with that

One of the most obvious solutions - which worked on Debian Jessie but I can't get to work on ubuntu is to create
fake ethernet interfaces - like eth0:0 and assign each staticly. (Unfortunately lxd hasn't worked for me on debian - so this isn't a soltion for me....)

I can't get persistent fake eth0:0 interfaces on ubuntu ... part of the problem is in xenial they somewhat changed their /etc/network/interfaces setup - now /etc/network/interfaces.d/ is where devices are configured... and I can't find good information on how to add entries - adding files in interfaces.d creates an interface - but it doesn't work for long....

Any help would be much appreciated.

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