There are at least eight threads in the PINE64 forum discussing security of the OS used on the PinePhone... :

id=13214 - "Firejail: Sandbox Pinephone/Pinetab Apps"
id=16110 - "Most secure option for phinephone"
id=13179 - "PinePhone Security"
id=14709 - "Security/Musl Question"
id=12457 - "Secure Mobile OS"
id=12303 - "Securing / Hardening The PinePhone"
id=12210 - "Can internal PinePhone firmware be compromised?"
id=11430 - "Security Based OS ?"

...but none of them mention Kicksecure.

According to three threads on the whonix forums:
it is possible to use Kicksecure on ARM, including Raspberry Pis and Apple Silicon.

I can't find the Github link right now but I did see that SkewedZeppelin is already using at least one Kicksecure component in DivestOS, so it's not unprecedented that Kicksecure might be applied to a #MobileLinux ARM device.

So my question is, what would the PINE64 community think of converting a Mobian install to Mobian-Kicksecure ("Sneakernic"*, anyone?) on the PinePhone?
*nod to Sonic the Hedgehog

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