PinePhone Pro EDL boot by shorting contacts
I am a new PinePhone user and I recently purchased a PinePhone pro explorer edition. After installing Tow Boot and trying several distributions, I was unable to get voice calling to work. As a result, I attempted to update the modem firmware, thinking that this may be the issue (after no issues with microphone or other audio systems were apparent anywhere). The modem appears to never have booted up properly again, and now the modem is not recognized by the operating system at all.

The reason for this post is because I cannot find the EDL boot test points on the motherboard that are mentioned in several different places (GitHub - Biktorgj/quectel_eg25_recovery: Stock firmware recovery packages for Quectel EG25-G, pinephone_modem_sdk/docs/ at kirkstone · the-modem-distro/pinephone_modem_sdk · GitHub,, ...).  The motherboard in my phone does not have these contacts (text on board: "Pinephonepro-V02 2023-0909"). In fact, there is a metal shield attached to the board directly over that area. Is there any way to access these contacts on Pinephone pro explorer edition boards like version 2023-0909?

Thanks for any help!
I hope this can send you in the right direction:

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