PinePhone Pro silver lining, it’s fast, real damn fast
There’s been a lot of grumbling the last few days among my friends about PPP and various power issues. Frankly, it makes a person a bit paranoid to enjoy their new device. As soon as I got it I mentally made note:
  1. don’t even attempt to upgrade packages
  2. take out the battery the instant you are done
  3. find some way to prevent deep sleep
  4. keep plugged in at all times
All that worry aside, a small little part of my brain is smiling about how fast it is. I knew as soon as I got it I would have a gut check about whether it’s speed would be tolerable or not. I can safely say yes.
Web browser loaded up Reddit just fine and scrolling felt good.
I’m eager to get to work with some gesture control phone experiments I want to do. This phone is going to be a winner.

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