various tricks to open the pinephone
What are the various tricks you have to open the pinephone?
In specific, to separate the back cover from the front "brick"
a crack.  [Once I get started, the rest is easy.]

I used to be able to open it.  I have not opened it for over
4 months, so dust, etc, probably settle inside.

The methods I am aware of

Hold the phone upside down, facing your heart.  Put your
right fingernail in the slot and pull toward your right

Hold the phone upside down, facing your heart.  Put a
credit card in the slot and zip right, pulling alittle.

Turn the phone upside down and over, facing desk.  Put
a credit card in the slot.  Slide leftward and pull.

Are there any way to clean the slot with the cover on?  I
tried rubbing alcohol and q-tip.

Thank in advanced for any help.

I finally got the pinphone opened.  Yay!  What a pain in the neck.
Needed to since I got a power problem, but don't worry about this -
I start a new post if needed.

What I did is use a screwdriver where the tip is about the same
thickness as the slot.  Push down, alittle to the right, and pry
it opened.  I do >>> NOT <<< recommend this unless you are desparate
to open the pinephone since you will dent the slot.  I.e. try the
3 methods in the OP first.

Now the issue is how to make it easier to open the pinephone again
and again and again.  Beside the slot, there is plastic "pins" about
1/2" from the slot on the back cover and there is a "hole" about
1/2" from the slot on the front part.

I already

1. cleaned the "pins", "hole, and slot.
2. filed the "pins" a tiny weeny bit (still want cover to snap on).

Any other suggestion?  Will lubrication on plastic work?  Will
removing some "pins" help?  If so, which one?

Thank in advanced for any help/tip.


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