bookworm vs trixie discussion for mobian in pinephone regular.
Thank you. Now, the internal speaker does no longer work (once again). I had the same problem with the headphone but using alsamixer helped.
Please can someone show me working alsamixer settings so that I can compare them with mine to find the culprit?

P.S: I've just solved my problem, enter "alsamixer -D hw:0", press m to unmute a channel, unmute both "Line out" and "DAC", the Debian wiki gave me the hint:
I still get occasional crashes when playing videos in Mozilla Firefox. The internal speaker works but when I increase or decrease the volume, there's no immediate audio feedback whereas it still works with the internal earpiece.

If you have the same sound problem than me under Mobian Bookworm, unmuting some channels will be less dangerous than switching to Mobian Trixie.

P.S: I reproduce the freeze by using the command named "play" on a simple MP3 file, VLC and Lollypop freeze too.

I don't reproduce the freeze with the command named "play" but Mozilla Firefox still occasionally crashes when playing a video.

Yesterday, I found how to fix the audio feedback on the internal speaker when increasing and decreasing the volume, wrong default settings seem to be applied when choosing the internal speaker as the output device, "Line out Source" gets switched to "Stereo" instead of "Mono Differential" (main root cause, breaks the feedback) and "ADC Digital DAC" is unmuted (causes a nasty noise) whereas it should remain muted. I have to manually set the correct values each time the output device changes, which is cumbersome. I'll try to modify the faulty default settings.

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