Keyboard issue
I succesfully opened the pinetab2 very carfully and replaced a front screen. Put it all back together and...... Everything works, except the keyboard. I was really carful with the ribbon cables. The keyboard cable doesnt appear missalined or broken anywhere.

i'm assuming the cable must be broken internally.
i thought maybe i put the docking connector back in, reversed, so maybe the pins are in reversed order? It looks like theres only one way to screw down the ribbon cable end with the connector pins into the casing.

so im assumin i need a new ribbon cable. Can i buy one specifically sized for that keyboard? Is that kind of ribbon cable a standardized thing?

short of that, does anyone have a suggestion on why the keyboard may not be responding?

is there a way via command line or by kde info center where i could see if the keyboard hardware is present or not?

thanks in advance,
i unfortunately i don't think i can answer any questions, but i have a similar issue that happens occasionally where GDM shows recognition that the case/kb is attached, but doesn't always allow input from it. usually i can reseat the tablet a few times or lock the screen a few times and it'll resume working again.
I need to order the ribbon cable going from the board to the keyboard.

Anybody know how I can get that from the manufacturer -or from another vendor?

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