Can ping between Pine 64 on a switch, but unable to ssh
This is my first time attempting anything with networking, so I apologize if I have no idea what I am doing. I have 2 Pine64's connected to an ethernet switch, and I assigned both of them a unique static ip. I am able to ping the other pine connected to the switch, but when I try to ssh, I get nothing. I know that one of them can be accessed by ssh, as I have connected through the wifi module using my laptop. Any help would be very appreciated.
Hi, which image are you running? All the Ubuntu/Debian images should have a working ssh server out of the box... have you made sure that both of them have a unique MAC address? I think there is a default value in /boot/uEnv.txt , make sure it is not the same for both...
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Yup, they match. Am I able to change the MAC address in the uEnv.txt, or do I have to change it by some other means?
uEnv.txt is really the place where you need to change the MAC.
Assigning a unique MAC solved the problem!

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