Not booting anymore from SD
I kept the default Linux installation on the eMMC and an Android one on the SD.

For reasons, KDE uninstalled some vital components and eventually it crashes after boot. I tried to install some other OS (I tried a bunch) by flashing on two differents SDs but it keeps booting KDE (and crashing). Moreover, neither my Android installation is working anymore.

What I've already tried:
- changing SD
- booting from a USB pendrive (both USBs)
- unplugging the eMMC (this cause not booting at all, just a black screen)
- switching on and off the tiny switch that should disable the eMMC (it doesn't affect the boot, even if the eMMC should be disabled)
- tried with another daughterboard from another trashed Pinebook that doesn't work anymore, no effect
- tried with another eMMC from the same trashed Pinebook, with the default Linux installation. It boots and loads KDE but I can't use the OS because I don't know the passwords... besides there isn't nothing more than a firefox window... no menus, no internet, nothing else but the firefox window... weird, i can open a terminal but I can't do much because I don't know the sudo or root password. I checked with dmesg if it reads the USBs or the SDs, it detects them but I can't mount them because mount needs sudo

What's happening? why isn't working as it should?

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