next pinephone model, maybe "pinephone handheld".
this is definitely something that no rush conclusions.

is risc-v cpu architecture worth in pinephone product line? and biggest concern is battery life, but maybe some others.

if risv-c cpu is battery saver, it might be feasable as a basic or limited phone. of course some things need to work, usb, audio, wifi, bluetooth and screen.
(05-20-2023, 03:31 PM)zetabeta Wrote: next pinephone model, maybe "pinephone handheld".

this is a discussion to start possible features of next pinephone. i don't think there is going to be new model any time soon, maybe next year (2024) as earliest. i put my proposed features list here.

absolute priority:
generic bootloader and partitioning, which can be controlled. no fastboot, no android partitioning.

high priority:
bigger battery.

medium priority:
one battery integrated into one unit. edit: no two batteries, but battery is replaceable.
one unit with integrated keyboard, or dual screen.
horizontal flip.
full hd screen.
faster modem chip.
3.5mm audio jack.
usb port works if dual piece.
cpu, ram and gpu comparable to pp pro.

low priority:
nr5g modem chip.
all the keys should be inside the device, not accessible when (flip is) closed.
easy access to memory card slot.
possible gpio pins, these could be in difficult place.

this is a picture of keyboard accessory and pinephone. i would propose something little more bulkier and integrated. edit: battery and unit as one, but parts replaceable.

[Image: PP_KB_Front-1024x576.jpg]
I like the idea. I have already done this a while ago on PPP by shutting off the modem. This allows for around 6 hours battery time, the device never gets that warm while on dock and HDMI, while plugged into power with no dock the device remains room temperature at it's warmest. I suspect that by shutting off the modem this may cause a much longer device life. At present I use it as a hand held with Arch Linux Phosh. It's perfect for that. As far as keyboard I use an iclever folding BT keyboard with mouse touch pad which again is perfect. Just some suggestions.

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