CR2032 Battery holder - sanity check
(07-25-2016, 06:56 AM)dkryder Wrote: can someone explain why 2 cells are needed for the pine64? is it just for extended lifespan of the rtc? i have been using 1 2032 for a month and the time has been good every boot. my experience is these single cells last for years during normal duty. this board is the first i have owned that suppopsedly needs 2 cells.

According to the RTC CR2032 battery installation guide[1], you only need one cell, it goes in the outer compartment with the + side of the cell facing down.

I would recommend one also verifies they have 3V at the terminals after installing just the single battery.

I looked at the document pinoosh linked to, tried it, and nada...0V. Verified wiring in the battery holder with an ohmmeter, the single battery should work as shown in the doc.

Re-install the second battery, works fine.

Finally I realize what's happening: the terminals in the empty battery compartment were touching, so a dead short across the output.

So either ensure the empty compartment terminals are not touching, separate them with an insulator, or, just go ahead and install the second battery as mentioned earlier in this thread. You'll have the two batteries in parallel, and you'll be just fine.

You are right, if those switch side compartment contacts are touching and the switch is in the ON position it shorts the other compartment's battery. I was so not into troubleshooting when I thought to search here. Thanks!

I have to take exception with the notion of batteries in parallel though. If one is weak and the other strong it could be.. interesting. Anyway, if you reading 6v then they are in series.

Yes, using batteries of questionable or unknown quality/output might cause you issues, but if in parallel not anything that really worries me.

Key point here is..assembled correctly, either one battery or two will work. If using two batteries, ensure correct assembly and verify you have 3V on the connector pins (and not 6V, suggesting they are in series, or a minimal voltage output indicating they are connected with opposite polarity, or bucking), and you're fine.

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