PBP solid orange light and does not start
I have a 14" PBP that I had been using normally in North America. Since I moved to Europe I have not been able to boot it. When I connect the barrel charger the light stays orange/red. Sometimes I get the manjaro logo for a few seconds and then the screen goes black. I am wondering if there could be a voltage issue or if I should try to switch off the eMMC (as suggested here: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=10093).

Well, the important part is not disabling the eMMC. The important part is replacing U-Boot. If you don't have a USB to eMMC adaptor, you will have to disable the eMMC and re-enable it during boot.

I have a USB to eMMC adaptor and I've never used it. Since I haveto open the PNP
PBP anyway, I just do the eMMC disable/re-enable thing.

Also, it sounds as if your battery is dead or very low. Try to charge the PBP overnight, powered off, with a USB-C cable (unplug the barrel charger for this!)

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