Pinephone Pro Convergence Dock Ethernet performance with non-pro pinephone
So, as a follow-up, I bought the new dock for my old pinephone after having no luck getting anything I bought on Amazon to work with sxmo/pmos/alpine/pinephone.  Driver issues are  not something I want to deal with.

I have a macbook pro (mbp) to test against, and I usually have it hardwired with a 1Gb/s dock (a dock).

So, I ran the following tests with both devices hardwired with brand new cat8 cables and a 1Gb router:
- pinephone (new dock) <- iperf3 -> mbp (a dock) = 5Mb/s
- mbp (a dock) speedtest  = 68.36 Mbit/s
- pinephone (new dock) speedtest = 5.15 Mbit/s

So, I then switched the pinephone to wifi:
- pinephone (wifi) speedtest = 54.49 Mbit/s

So, I then took the new dock and attached it to the macbook pro:
- mbp (new dock) speedtest = 101.51 Mbit/s
- pinephone (wifi) <- iperf3 -> mbp (new dock): 78.1 Mbits/sec

So, I'm really feeling like it is the USB port on the pinephone (or something in the software), as when I use wifi on the pinephone, it is 10x faster, and the new dongle is definitely fast when used on better computers (20x as on the pinephone).

I really wanted 1Gb/s!

What I really, really wanted was my pinephone in the keyboard case with the dock attached, running Gb speeds.  In other words, a tiny desktop computer. 
Ain't happening.

Thanks @emsyr . That was a good idea.

I tested my _old_ dock with my mbp, and it also gets around ~100Mb/s (much better than 5).

The issue now is whether the problem is software or the USB port on the pinephone.

If it is hardware, then that is that. I'm not buying the Pro version just to get around that.

If it is software, maybe I just need a different distribution? I guess I could try booting the multi-boot and trying them all out.

Anyway, thanks for your help!

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