Use the Linux Console with the PinePhone Keyboard
With the help of these two references, the console is usable with the PinePhone Keyboard, and the combination has the symbol row working with the Pinecone Key.

ludgate's help on the console

Modify the two files as ludgate describes.

xnux's help on the console symbols

For the symbol row, make the file

#strings as usual
#compose as usual for "iso-8859-1"
#keymaps 0-63

plain keycode 125 = ShiftR
ShiftR keycode 125 = ShiftR
ShiftR keycode 0x02 = bar
ShiftR keycode 0x03 = backslash
ShiftR keycode 0x06 = asciitilde
ShiftR keycode 0x07 = grave
ShiftR keycode 0x08 = minus
ShiftR keycode 0x09 = equal
ShiftR keycode 0x0a = underscore
ShiftR keycode 0x0b = plus

then enter or automate:

sudo loadkeys

To automate, one could insert this into .profile

if [ $(tty) = "/dev/pts/0" ]; then
    sudo loadkeys

Then the console is reachable by pressing Ctrl Fn Alt 2. The Phosh interface is at Ctrl Fn Alt 7, with more consoles in between.
It seems that the DanctNIX Arch images do not require this fix, but just the rotation. And the keyboard symbols also work under Wayland with Arch.
So, do DanctNIX Arch installations have a monopoly on supporting the PinePhone Keyboard, in both console and Wayland? I forget if Manjaro installations include DanctNIX.

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