SIM Card Slot Terror
Today, I joined the ranks of those unfortunate souls who have ruined their Micro sim card slot by breaking one of its pins while using the Nano adapter.

What I'm wondering now is what is my best option is to set things right.

Should I buy one of the new motherboards with a Nano sim card slot?  Or is the sim card slot itself replaceable by people without superhuman soldering skills? Or is there another solution that someone has had luck with?

Thanks in advance, al!
I hope I’m wrong, but I think only the PinePhone Pro motherboards got the nano sim card slot.
It's the sort of solder job a phone repair place should probably be able to do, so long as you can get the part. @tllim said a while back that they had obtained some spares which you might be able to get by filing a support ticket. It's also been suggested the LG G4 has a socket that's a close match, but I don't know if anyone has actually tried it as a replacement. It wouldn't hurt to ask how much it would cost for the soldering, then judge whether it's worth a try or better just to replace it.
Just file a support ticket at, support team will arrange a free microSD/microSD socket but user needs to pay for the shipping cost.
Awesome, @tllim! I just created the support ticket. Thanks for the advice!

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