PinebookPro Display Corrupts/Cuts Out

Got a screen issues, that comes up in different ways.

Before my Pinebook Pro boots the OS, if I tilt the screen I sometimes get a bunch of garbled characters on the screen and the screen goes black (but still on).

Other times it'll boot normally and if I so much as touch the laptop it'll cut out.

Yet sometimes (and this strange), it'll boot normally, I can tilt the screen, move the laptop etc and nothing will go wrong.

Any ideas where to begin here? Some loose connector?


I've opened it up and made sure every appears to be connected, no change.

Would a replacement screen solve it?
Latest attempt, the screen went black after logging in, followed by a hissing noise!
It sounds like a bad connection or cold solder joint related to the backlight.

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(12-11-2022, 08:10 AM)KC9UDX Wrote: It sounds like a bad connection or cold solder joint related to the backlight.

Ah right, thanks for the info.

Bit beyond my abilities to fix!

The worst part is it may be a broken wire too, and isolating the problem will be a crapshoot.

If you had a second, working PBP, you could swap parts to isolate the problem. Else you'll end up buying a lot of parts before you can find it. How old is the PBP? You might be able to warranty exchange it. Otherwise, if you can afford it, you could buy another one and swap para to find the problem and then buy replacement parts and sell the working one (or keep it! If you're like me you can always find uses for another one).

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