No Display on PBP
I have a similar issue to some I've seen here, but not identical.

My PBP was working fine two days ago on Manjaro from eMMC, but when I booted it yesterday, I had absolutely nothing on my display.

The LED  starts off red for a few seconds, then goes green.  The numlock/capslock keys toggle the appropriate LEDs.

I've tried hitting ESC after a few minutes, but still nothing.

I loaded Manjaro KDE to a USB stick.  When I boot with it inserted, I get activity on the stick's LED to show that it's being accessed, but still, not even a flicker on the display.

Also no luck booting from SD.

If I had to place money on it, I'd guess that the machine is booting, but the display is dead.  Is there any keystroke combination that could have turned off the display? I've already tried Fn + F2 to turn up brightness.

As a followup, I opened up the case and flipped the eMMC switch away from the hinge. At that point, I got ABSOLUTELY nothing, not even the LEDs.

I switched it back and I'm now back to square 1.
Try ssh to it? You might have to do "blind login" for wifi to be active
Do give it enough time for the connection to be alive
Well, I hope you do not have a dead LCD display that would suck Sad

You could inspect the eDP connector both ends of the cable to check they have not fallen out (obviously the panel end is difficult to get to -- there are other things you could prioritise to check first, checking this connector only as a last resort before actually buying fitting a new LCD panel). Checking the cable for damage too.

Did you ever use USB-C to HDMI? You could see if there is any video on an external monitor. And if there is, that might help diagnose things.

Remotely SSH'ing in to PBP to check dmesg, logs etc.

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