need help with downgradin network-manager
hey all,

I've got an issue, and thought I'd post here and see if anyone has any ideas on what to do

When I first got the pinephone (back in February of 2021) the network-manager was workin very well. I have a buildin that I'm in a lot, and the network-manager of that time got service in there (I'm guessing it was 1.29.90-2). after we went to 1.32 I haven't gotten service in that buildin sisnce. 

I've been wantin to downgrade to network-manager 1.29.90-2, and decided to finally try it. so I downloaded it along with libmn0, and aptitude tells me that wpasupplicant will break if I downgrade. I won't have internet at all while switchin to the old network-manager, so I can't get apt to download something to fix wpasupplicant.

what should I do with this? do I need to download wpasupplicant beforehand? if so, which version worked with that older version of network-manager?

at first I tried to go to an older image and excluded network-manager from the updates (along with libmn0) but the phone has always seemed to struggle with huge updates like that (gets glitchy)

would appreciate any ideas!

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