Spurious orders without confirmation due to error in Webshop -- demanding refund.
Dear community,

I want to report an issue I had with orders at the pine64.com-store.

In short: Although the checkout page did produce an error with "Bad Gateway", orders made it silently through, resulting in three orders placed although I only wanted to have one, and only two order confirmation emails gotten, and although it's not my fault I got only partial refund.

In long:

On 2022-10-18, I ordered a Pinecil v2 together with some accessories, alltogether for 67.94 USD plus 11.99 USD shipping.

When I wanted to pay by credit card, it seemingly did not work, see this thread:

Whenever I wanted to use my MasterCard (real credit card, not a debit card, issued by the German bank "Commerzbank"), it sayd "bad gateway" and did not proceed to any confirmation site but just did stay at the checkout-site. So I just tried again, and then it said "Sorry, your session has expired. Return to shop".

So I tried again, with different browsers.

The issues persisted.

Later I got two order confirmation emails, of exactly the same orders, with different order numbers.

I immediately contacted the pine64 service about the issue, that I only wanted to order one, and that there was a problem with their website which made me think that the payment did error out and the order did not make it through.

They said they refund one order, but that there will be a 5% cancellation fee.

I objected that fee since it was the fault of the webshop which made me think that the order did not work, which resulted in multiple order. I got no reply for it.

Today I received two times the exact same package, for which I had to pay customs (13.59 EUR for each). In my credit card account, I see three times a deduction of 79.93 USD, and one time a refund of 75.93.

So apparently even three orders made it through, although the webshop showed an error at checkout and I got only two confirmation emails.

I emailed them today a very demanding email, explaining in detail the errors the webshop had and demanding the full refund (not with a cancellation fee) for all but one order, and I am willing to send back the double package at their cost. Because they are responsible for their webshop it's their fault. And that I will issue a chargeback via my bank if they don't refund until 2022-11-07.

I attach my email for reference.

Let's see what happens.

I will keep you updated.

What are your experiences with chargeback via the bank to Pine64? Do I have to fight then with collection agencies?

If anyone wants to buy my second pinecil with accessories from me (I am in Germany) I am also OK with that, and I will not issue a chargeback for that second delivery then.

It is the following package:
  • PINECIL v2 soldering Iron:                      $ 25.99
  • PINECIL Break Out Board:                        $  3.99
  • PINECIL Transparent Replacement Shell:          $  5.99
  • PINECIL Replacement Tip Contacts:                $  1.00
  • PINECIL Soldering Tip Set (Fine):                $ 24.99
  • PINECIL Portable Mini Stand:                    $  1.99
  • USB Type-C to Type-C Silicone power cable 1.5 m: $  3.99
  • Shipping:                                        $ 11.99

Total:                                          $ 79.93

Given the currency conversion fee my bank also has imposed, and the customs I had to pay, I am selling this package for 97.00 EUR, plus shipping from Germany (or handing over in Dresden, Leipzig or Berlin). This corresponds to the money I lost due to the unwanted extra charge and delivery. Since this is a private, non-commercial selling, I do not offer more warranty than to forward the original Pine64 warranty, which is 30 days from the day of shipment (seemingly 2022-10-21).

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