keyboard case charging but not typing
In the meantime, my second PPKB has stopped typing, just like the first. It appears to have happened after detaching / reattaching the phone to the keyboard case a few times.

But I returned to the old PPKB, which I had previously opened and exposed its mainboard and did the following:
  1. detached the phone from the PPKB
  2. soldered an USB connector on the mainboard USB contacts
  3. connected to the computer (`dmesg -ew` reported it being connected)
  4. used Megi's tools to flash the stock firmware via USB
  5. disconnected the USB from the computer (it's still soldered to the mainboard)
  6. reattached the phone to the PPKB
  7. reloaded the PPKB kernel module (this works instead of rebooting)
  8. PPKB did not work

HOWEVER, if I keep the USB plugged into the computer, while the PinePhone is attached to the keyboard, THE KEYS WORK. I don't know if flashing did anything (probably not). If I unplug the USB from the computer, the PPKB stops working. But if I plug the USB into the computer again THE PPKB START WORKING AGAIN.

So currently, I can type on the PPKB as long as its mainboard is hardwired to a USB connector and plugged into the computer  Undecided

I'm almost certain this had nothing to do with flashing. Resetting the MCU doesn't help either (either via I²C or via USB).

But it's almost certainly a software / firmware issue, because plugging the PPKB into the computer via USB makes it suddenly work again (after reloading the kernel module, but only once).

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