keyboard case charging but not typing
I followed the instructions here:

I've opened the keyboard, soldered a USB cable to its PCB then flashed the firmware again (probably not necessary). Then I tested it with the `ppkb-usb-debugger` utility. Interestingly, the keyboard does work, it reacted to the key presses.

Now I need to figure out why won't the phone detect the keyboard. It's either a software issue, or I somehow physically broke the I²C connection. I'll try booting into something else.
It's a software or OS distribution issue. I plugged my keyboard in while running archlinux minutes ago and it recognizes the keyboard presses, and seems to(?) recognize the charge amount. I'd tried it with other operating systems and it did not work.
I ended up ordering a new PPKB. The new one works perfectly, the old one doesn't. In my case it looks like it's a physical issue (I'm on postmarketOS). I'll try to debug the old one anyway.

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