Is some u-boot required on the SPI for installing debian with the official installer?
Hi, reports the possibility of installing debian on the ROCKPro64 using the Official Debian Installer via the installer image to be found at

I have verified that the installer image boots and does its job of downloading and installing stuff.  However, installing (at least installing on the EMMC) delivers a system incapable of booting.

I now wonder if this is because the official debian installer does not install a bootloader and expects a bootloader to be already present on the SPI.

If this is the case, the page at shouild probably say so.

I have tried to install tow-boot on the SPI expecting it to be the best option for a general bootloader.  Unfortunately, It does not appear to work. After coming up, it hangs at

Booting using the fdt blob at 0x1f00000

It is unclear to me if this is a bug in tow-boot (also looking at

If it is, what would be an appropriate uboot for running debian?

i had exactly the same problem you describe. Following the guide at with the SPI Image from worked for me. It seems that the wiki should be updated, that updating the spi might help to resolve boot problems.

I hope updating the SPI to that version helps you too. I didn't need to reinstall debian to my emmc, it just worked after inserting it back after updating the SPI.

best wishes

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