[SOLVED] Lost Internet connectivity after recent update

I did a recent update (within the past week) of my pinephone (community edition) running mobian, however, applications can no longer access the internet even though the PP has a connection to my home wifi network. For example, the web browser is unable to access any website and reports that it cannot connect to the server and questions whether the address is correct.

This behavior seems like a dns issue however, the dns setting in the gnome-settings/wifi is correct (i.e., defaults to gateway). The wifi connectivity information (essid, address, gateway, etc.) in gnome-settings/wifi are as it should be.

I suspect that the PP itself is blocking internet traffic; however, I don't know how to investigate this possibility.

Note that other devices on the home wifi network do have access to the internet.

I can still make and receive phone calls, as well as I can send/receive text messages. Rebooting does not fix.

Any assistance will be appreciated. For example, possible way to diagnose the root cause or attempt a possible fix (e.g., reconfigure wifi somehow)?

Not sure what to do to restore internet access


This issue is due to some updates within systemd (and related). The current symlink /etc/resolv.conf points to a no longer existing file, it has to be replaced with valid content. One option is to use the resolv.conf file created by modem manager.
sudo ln -sf /run/NetworkManager/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf
I executed the command and then rebooted Mobian.

That worked!

Thanks so much...

I just performed an update because I was having a number of issues and now my internet doesn't work. I tried the command you specified and restarted and.. my internet still doesn't work. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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