Lot of issues after flashing mobian to emmc with tow-boot
Actually I'm really disappointed by my pinepkone and mobian........I'm not at all a kind of nerd, but since years I have debian on my PC and I love it and get by with almost everything I need to do with a PC( ......running a local radio station, radioshows, DJing).
For DJing the pinephone with its docking box was my favourite tool, I recommended the pinephone with mobian as OS to a lot of people.

Now after having flashed mobian to the emmc via Tow-boot a lot of things are working no more or behave strange:

low disk space
no access to some apps
most apps you ve to start and restart and restart........
no email client
can not install apps I would need like: unzip, disks etc...............................

The most strange thing is, even mobian should have being flashed to the emmc, mobian does not start up when the sd card is removed, the red light is blinking than red goes yellow and is endlessly blinking, nothing else is happening.

So what to do?

I' m missing a clear step by step guide to flash mobian with tow boot, reading other posts about those issues I've to notice there is some confusion about it?

What is the most stable mobian-img actually?

Thanx a lot for any help!

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Lot of issues after flashing mobian to emmc with tow-boot - by benedikt55 - 08-24-2022, 04:23 AM

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