Loving latest Mobian Update
One thing that got broken in this update (not sure if it comes from Mobian, though) is the megapixels app, which used to work better previously. Now it's still as sparse as before, but exits on any button, not taking a shot at all.

Here's what I get when I launch it from a terminal:
Found config file at /usr/share/megapixels/config/pine64,pinephone-1.2.ini
Adding camera rear from config
Adding camera front from config

(megapixels:4243): Gdk-WARNING **: 11:05:28.858: gdk_gl_context_set_required_version - GL context versions less than 3.2 are not supported.
Initialized OpenGL ES 2.0
Gsk:ERROR:../../../gsk/gl/gskglcommandqueue.c:1276:gsk_gl_command_queue_create_render_target: assertion failed (glCheckFramebufferStatus (GL_FRAMEBUFFER) == GL_FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE): (0x00008cd6 == 0x00008cd5)
Bail out! Gsk:ERROR:../../../gsk/gl/gskglcommandqueue.c:1276:gsk_gl_command_queue_create_render_target: assertion failed (glCheckFramebufferStatus (GL_FRAMEBUFFER) == GL_FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE): (0x00008cd6 == 0x00008cd5)
If anyone wants to use my reinstall guide it is here including a pre-problem installer link https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=17205
It has the mandatory partition resize fix and also has the GPS function steps ready to copy/paste into SSH.

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