Keyboard not working PPP is support broken atm?
Hey all, 
Just received my keyboard.
It looks awesome. 
I plugged it in and nothing on my manjaro install with plasma
I though maybe manjaro was not supported like pmOS so flashed across to that with plasma and nothing. 
I checked the docs and the guides which ellude to it being an auto thing. 
I can see the battery charging indicator in pmOS and if I push any harder on the pogo pin area I am going to break my screen. 

I was reading some of the forums and reddit and with latest kernel there was issues? Is this an order 'latest' and we should be good to go?
I checked about the firmware ie kernel or users pace but based on the docs saying that it should already be supported and just automatically I came here in case I am doing something wrong. 

Cheers all.
So I had a little bit more of a play today and flashed mobian.
Keyboard started working straight away.

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