Keyboard charges, won't type - ERROR: I2C_RDWR failed: No such device or address
With a new PPP, I am on stock software (Manjaro-Plasma, I believe).
I have installed necessary packages for compiling megi's userland software for ppkb.
Too, I have compiled it, and added the system service as I explained (in the wrong sub-forum) here,
PinePhone Keyboard won't work. read_kb_reg(PPKB_SYS_CONFIG) needs what? -

My PPKB charges but won't type.
lsmod ends with
but has no instance of kb151.
With the PPP firmly seated in my PPKB (and charging, battery staying at 100%), I tried the command
build/ppkb-i2c-flasher --rom-in firmware/build/fw-user.bin write reset
and saw
ERROR: I2C_RDWR failed: No such device or address

I did
rmmod pinephone_keyboard
and repeated the above. I had the same result.

Installing i2c-tools
pacman -S i2c-tools
had no effect on the command above.

I did see the following.
i2cdetect -l
i2c-0 i2c      rk3x-i2c                        I2C adapter
i2c-1 i2c      rk3x-i2c                        I2C adapter
i2c-3 i2c      rk3x-i2c                        I2C adapter
i2c-4 i2c      rk3x-i2c                        I2C adapter
i2c-5 i2c      rk3x-i2c                        I2C adapter
i2c-9 i2c      i2c-4-mux (chan_id 0)          I2C adapter

I can not blacklist anything b/c
update-initramfs -u
bash: update-initramfs: command not found

I installed both
and still can not update-initramfs.

As a user posted here,
keyboard case charging but not typing -
with the PPP firmly seated in the PPKB and booted therein, I too found,
dmesg | grep keyboard
pinephone-keyboard 2-0015: Keyboard was not found on the I2C bus, maybe it's disconnected.

How do I get "such device or address", shown above?

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