Improper Storage After Flashing Mobian
Hey all,

Recently I decided to do a fresh install of Mobian, and have discovered that we are now usin tow boot. I was able to install that just fine, but whenever I try to flash an image to internal storage with balena etcher I end up with only 5 gigs of space dedicated to it...? Not sure what I'm doin wrong.  
After holding the power and volume button and mounting it, it comes up as Linux UMS_disk_0 (boot, rootfs) in balena etcher. I've never seen any other listin. Am I missin somethin?

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Edit: After flashin I opened up gnome disks on my pc and just increased storage myself. Seems to be workin fine so far!
This is a bug in recent installation images. One can reflash with an installation image from late May.

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