Megapixels and Pinhole
I don't take pictures very often but it can be handy sometimes. Today I needed to use the Pinephone to take a few photos and Megapixels kept crashing most of the time, either during launch or when taking the picture. Finally rebooted the phone and got it to take some pics and although it appeared to work there was nothing in the Pictures directory. Finally I found that for some reason Megapixels is now placing  the photos in my home directory instead. (It didn't do that the last time it was used.)

Since Megapixels tends to flake out I thought I'd give Pinhole ("Camera" application) a try since I saw it mentioned while searching the board here. Pinhole launches but does not display anything from the camera, just a black background. Running it from the command line yields the following diagnostics:

mobian@mobian ~]$ pinhole

(pinhole:2867): Aperture-CRITICAL **: 17:49:31.666: Error received from element v4l2src0: Device '/dev/video1' does not support 2:0:0:0 colorimetry

(pinhole:2867): Aperture-CRITICAL **: 17:49:31.667: Error received from element v4l2src0: Internal data stream error.

Has anyone gotten Pinhole to work on the Pinephone running Mobian?

(I've tried searching online but so far mainly have found instructions for constructing a traditional pinhole camera. Confused )

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